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Large Animal Anaesthesia Ventilation Systems

Mallard Medical Model 2800C

  • The world’s most reliable large animal ventilator.
  • Microprocessor based ventilator for ease of use and superior performance
  • Large, easy to read LCD display of respiratory values
  • Ascending bellows (18 liters) reduces the patient’s work of breathing
  • Quietest ventilator on the market
  • Option Pediatric Bellows Assembly (Model 28PBA)
  • No disassembly required for cleaning
  • Built to last, custom designed frame protects all critical components
  • GCX mounting rail for additional shelves or monitors
  • Optional M.R.I. compatible
  • Quick change soda lime canister

The Mallard 2800C is easy to clean

Mallard machines allow for minimal and easy servicing, which may be conducted in the medical facility by qualified technicians. The bellows are cleaned in place. No need to remove bellows for cleaning.

Microprocessor based electronic control system

Durable electronic control systems lasts decades. No finiky touch screens or fancy software. The Mallard is simple and easy to use with an adjustable flow rate of 0-600 liters per minute with expanded range of flow rate selectivity

Extremely quiet & smooth

The Mallard 2800C is the quietest anaesthesia ventilator on the market. Our customers consistently comment on how quiet the Mallard 2800C is.r

Convenient mounting rack

Newly designed stand for convenient location of all components and multiple vaporizers. GCX mounting rail for mounting physiological monitors and other accessories

Technical Specifications


A microprocessor-based, electronic, time cycled, pressure limited, anesthesia ventilator

Bellows Orientation

Inverted (Ascending)


18 Liter Bellows for Large Animals with Large Animal Absorber Circuit


  • Inspiratory Time – .1 to 3 seconds
  • Inspiratory Flow – 10 – 650 LPM
  • Inspiratory Pressure Rate – 10 – 70cm H20
  • Pneumatic Manual Push Button for Inspiration

LED Display

  • Inspiratory Time Indicator
  • Rate (BPM)
  • I:E Ratio

Alarms and Alerts

  • Failure to Cycle   –   Visual-Audible Alarm
  • Low Gas Pressure Failure   –   Visual-Audible Alarm
  • Power Failure   –   Visual-Audible Alarm

Safety System

Overpressure Governor 80cm H20 (adjustable)

Gas Scavenger

19mm port

Absorber Volume For Soda Lime

6 Liter, Quick Change for Large Animals

Size & Weight

37” (94cm) Width x 28” (71 cm) Depth x 57” (145cm) Height. Weight 130lbs. 59Kg

Note: Depth and Width Sizes above account for outboard hoses and fittings. The footprint of the base of the cart is 30” (76cm) Width x 24” (61cm) Depth


  • Medical Air Option: (Optional 0-10 L/M Air Flow Meter and plumbing to mix medical air with default oxygen anesthesia gas.)
  • Optional Vaporizer and Mounts

15L and 30L Black Rubber Rebreathing bags